First day as an Educator

First day as an Educator

15th, Dec 2020 General News

I was supporting apprentices, where they were on a youth training programme studying towards a distribution course. I was new to the organisation and the previous tutor was not available to run the session. This was baptism by fire, the session was dealing with stock rotation and how first in first out worked. 

Wow this seems so long ago but still so fresh, I enjoyed the interaction and how I felt after the learners gave some great feedback. I have come a long way since then and have had my share of both fantastic learners and ones that have pushed my skills to the maximum. I have completed a variety of learning and qualifications in education, learning about how individuals come with fixed mindsets and how others have barriers from previous experience. All of this has shaped how I still want to inspire and engage individuals to unlock their potential. 

Working as an Educator whether it be with learners grooming dogs, canine first aid or teaching others can be a very fulfilling experience. At iPET Network we are always looking to design high quality inspirational qualifications and this is captured in our mission: 

·        We are dedicated to animal welfare.

·        We are focused on people development.

·        We are current in the market.

·        We are ground-breaking in our approach.

·        We are working in the pet industry, for the pet industry, fueled by industry experts.

So could you engage and develop others, have you got the drive to inspire to create learning experiences that can change lives, then think about a new focus for 2021. 

iPET Network are launching a new qualification, Award for Educators in the Canine and Feline sector. Learn how to plan effectively, assess skills, knowledge and behaviour and review the learning journey for you and others. 

Nelson Mandela once said “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. So what are you waiting for, have a new focus for 2021 and become that educator you know you could be. 

Written by Tony Monticelli Business Training Development Manager at iPET Network 

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