New Training Provider Announcement

New Training Provider Announcement

21st, Oct 2021 General News

Rebecca Walters is the founder of Pupstarts Breeders, having experienced a range of aspects of the dog world, from Battersea Dogs Home, Animal Warden, Breeder, Breeder Mentor and Scentwork Trainer.

Rebecca has studied Dog Breeding, Canine Communication and Pet Psychology, and holds an NVQ in Animal Care. As a Higher Tier, 5 Star Licensed Breeder, she has held a breeders license for a10-year duration and is also qualified to Microchip, Ultrasound & Artificially Inseminate.

Her varied continued development includes Wildlife Crime and Dogs Act, 30 days of Canine Science, Scent4Six, Puppy Lab, Rural Skills Conservation Dog Handling Skills, Rural Skills Practical Detection Training, Rural Skills Detection Education Training, Mantrailing UK Instructor, Scentwork UK Instructor and Sniffer Dogs UK Instructor. Rebecca is continuing her studies with the School of Canine Science undertaking a Behaviour Bible Course.

Rebecca’s passion for dog welfare has been turned towards education as Rebecca believes this is the best way to improve the industry, and is fully dedicated to delivering her knowledge and experience to others. Her aim is to support Breeders and set a professional standard, enabling them to be proud of their job and equip them with the knowledge and skills to breed and raise healthy, balanced dogs who will live a full and happy life.

Pupstarts Breeders was formed to illuminate the world of dog breeding and champion those who ethically breed. They committed to educating and empowering dog breeders for the welfare of all dogs. Pupstart Breeders play a vital role in the lives of future dogs and are committed to making their start in life the very best it can be by providing breeders with the knowledge, skills and foundations to breed healthy and robust puppies for the generations to come.

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