Working for iPET Network

Working for iPET Network

5th, Jan 2022 General News

Here Annette shares just why she loves working for iPET Network so much, and what makes the company so special.....

I have always loved animals, and have always had a job working with animals in some capacity, as my first job I worked at a stable yard as the head girl, and then in a pet shop.

I'm local to Cheshire, and have actually known Fern since she was 17 and used to go to the local pub together! When Fern offered me the job I knew it was going to be fun.

Working for iPET Network is nothing like a big corporation, and everyone who is involved with the company, be it training providers, staff or trainees have direct contact with the directors.

Sarah and Fern know every aspect of the business inside out, and know every staff member and how best they work.

It is a collaboration too, Covid has obviously been a challenge, but Sarah and Fern put it out to us to make our own decisions on how we wanted to work, and everything was done as a group decision with no repercussions or judgement.

We have monthly meetings, and the directors always make a presentation to let us know everything that is going on, no secrets, and everyone is invested in the growth of the business.

iPET Network is getting bigger, since I started the team has doubled in size, but these values are still ever present.

From my own perspective I feel like I am part of the furniture now, and just like everyone, I am really passionate about all that we do.

When it was my ten year anniversary Fern surprised me with Tanzie, my Springer Spaniel puppy! She was such a wonderful and thoughtful gift, and gets on really well with Pickle, my 13-and-a-half year-old Labrador cross, and Aoife, my other Springer Spaniel who is three.

Working at iPET Network is not just about one way traffic, where the directors tell you what to do and you have to do it. Sarah and Fern understand that everyone has their own skill set and want to get the best out of everyone, and I think that is one of the strengths of the business.

For iPET Network the sky's the limit, and I am so proud to have been part of their journey!