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Mind Body and Soul

20th, Jan 2021 General News

Now try and use positive words with colleagues, family, friends and on social media. Reflect on this activity and has it made you interaction with others more positive. Please feedback in the comments, how did it make you feel, did you get a different response or did you find it difficult to do. Remember it takes timeMind, Body and Soul will develop your awareness on skills needed to increase positivity and deepen healthy attitudes. 

Why does a failure seem to stick in our minds so much longer than a success? According to social psychologist Alison Ledgerwood, our perception of the world tends to lean negative, and reframing how we communicate could be the key to unlocking a more positive outlook.

Do you frame your language in the negative? Positive thinking is not always easy especially within the current times. You can use techniques to focus your thoughts and look at setbacks and challenges in a more positive way. 

What I would like you to do is watch the video, take notes if it helps and consider what are the key messages. The next step is now to review your surroundings, it could be a work, at home, watching the news / TV or social media, how much negative language is being used and does it impact your experience / mood.