Welcome to the iPET Network

Welcome to the iPET Network

12th, Apr 2019 General News

This multi billion pound industry is growing all the time, demanding more people enter the sector and pushing the calibre of personnel higher and higher.  Gone are the days when a neighbour popped in to feed your cat or a teenager walks dogs at the weekend, owners are craving skilled, professionals to care for their pets in every aspect of their lives.  This is being reinforced by government legislation which dictates all kennel, daycare and boarding businesses now have staff trained to a minimum level 2 OFQUAL regulated qualification. This is great news for raising standards across the pet care industry and something the International Pet Education and Training Network or iPET Network for short is 100% behind.

The iPET Network is a collection of schools, trainers, coaches and mentors specialising in a range of pet related topics. Courses are designed to suit every learner in it’s teaching style, preparing them to enter the animal industry as a profession or give them more knowledge in pet ownership. The iPET Network brand has recently been trade marked to ensure that learners can be confident that wherever they see the logo, they are going to get a great teaching experience. All iPET centres believe that through education, we can improve the lives of people and pets.

Through the iPET Network, learners can achieve qualifications and accreditations in Dog Grooming, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Canine First Aid and more!  Having recently added the Level 3 Canine Studies qualification from Open College Network West Midlands, iPET are pushing for more boarding, daycare and kennel businesses to meet the new higher standards under the licence regulations which this OFQUAL regulated course achieves. iPET have also embraced changes in technology and have launched an online E-Portfolio which allows learners to access all the course materials digitally, completing the courses seamlessly from any device and is more eco-friendly!  This new software allows a tutor full access to learners work, offering support and guidance as they progress.  This unique teaching platform means location isn't a boundary to the best courses, tutors and qualifications available to the pet care industry.  

To find out more about the iPET Network and courses available visit www.ipetnetwork.co.uk