Our Green Vision 

iPET Network understands the importance of protecting our planet and is committed to Our Green Vision. Between less wasteful practices, energy-saving features, and reduced energy waste, we work hard to reduce our impact on the environment.

What is Our Green Vision? iPET Network cares about the environment and understands the meaning of stewardship. We find ways to improve the lives of those around us, people, pets, plants and the planet by embedding eco-friendly practices into everything we do. 

iPET Network Key Priorities


iPET Network are committed to reducing the reliance on paper, this is why we have invested in technology solutions. These solutions include online portfolios that require no printing or paper, and student registration systems which require no physical documentations. We have invested in technology so that we can facilitate remote meetings, home working and enable more efficient networking. All this is starting to reduce iPET Network’s carbon footprint. 


iPET Network want to contribute as little as possible to landfill. We will reduce and reuse office equipment wherever possible. We have recycled our office equipment, like furniture that can be refreshed by creating new design features for them. If we are unable to recycle fixtures and fittings in our offices, we will explore our network partners, charities and recycling schemes that will take unwanted items and put them to good use.

Using electricity wisely

iPET Network embed a policy of turning off all computers, printers, photocopiers, scanners etc. that don’t need to be left on until you need to use them again. Our team check that all computers are set to their most energy efficient setting as this will be a great help whilst trying not to waste electricity.

Getting everyone involved

iPET Network communicate with our team to encourage them to work towards an eco-friendlier workplace. This includes putting Our Green Vision within our organisational meetings and ‘green’ ideas will be shared.  We have put together a calendar of national environmental days and weeks throughout the year so that our team and wider stakeholders can help make a difference.

Energy saving 

iPET Network use (where possible) energy saving lights. It goes without saying that anywhere we work should be well lit, but this need can also be met in an eco-friendly manner. 

Where possible, we choose to use natural light. Our workplace has various windows and we like to make use of them. Natural light adds a great ambiance to the room and is very inviting to workers and visitors.

Green finance 

iPET Network will buy eco-friendly office supplies (where possible). We review all our purchases and look to buy recycled products, in turn, this supports businesses that value sustainability. This practice is also helping to support partner organisations initiatives that preserve trees and natural resources.

Simply Green 

iPET Network fill our office kitchen with reusable dishes and silverware. Plastic and paper can be the norm when it comes to eating at work but not here! We have added reusable products that simply require washing as we feel this is very simple, yet effective way to reduce the amount of disposable products that have to be discarded.

Food waste?

As a pet friendly workplace we have a team of furry companions who are also eager to get involved in Our Green Vision. These highly experienced creatures ensure that little food (dog friendly of course) is wasted and are keen to share any leftover goodies which further reduces landfill (and our team’s waistlines).