Training Provider Frequently Asked Questions

iPET Network is committed to supporting Training Providers of all sizes in the delivery of our portfolio of qualifications.

Within our team, you will be introduced to the key people who will support the you to ensure the qualifications standards are upheld and best practice is standardised.  We are available by phone and email in business hours but our Frequently Asked Questions guide may also offer the assistance you require.

Once approved as a Training Provider, you will be asked to submit the qualifications you wish to be approved for.  As long as you meet the criteria for the individual qualifications you wish to offer, and can demonstrate the resources in place for successful delivery, you will be passed during the onboarding audit.  Additional qualifications can be added at a later date or when new qualifications are released, again, there will be an application process for this.  Contact your Account Manager for more information about new qualifications.


There is no extra cost for offering additional qualifications other than the candidate registration fees there are no additional costs. The same fee will apply whether you offer 2 or 10 iPET Network qualifications

EQA or External Quality Assurance is the process of auditing the quality assurance of a qualification from all angles.  An EQA will look at Training Provider’s resources such as employees and premises, qualification process, student progression and feedback, assessments, internal quality assurance and more with the purpose of maintaining the qualifications validity. Thorough checks will be made and actions raised if required.  At iPET Network we know this process can be daunting for Training Providers but we wish to offer full support and the EQA audits are a method of highlighting improvements and standardising best practice. Certificates will only be released once an EQA has completed rolling sampling.  EQA audits typically take place twice a year but we can offer more audits as required.

IQA or Internal Quality Assurance is the quality checking process which ensure the Tutor is delivering the qualification correctly and meeting the required criteria.  Depending on the Tutor Risk Rating (a figure dictated by the Awarding Organisation which takes into account ‘risk’ factors such as a new provider or a new qualifications), the IQA will look at a sample of work and review.

iPET Network is not your average Awarding Organisation and our registration packages are one example of this. Typically, there would be an IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) qualified person at each training centre.  However, we recognise that even Training Providers with just 1 Tutor can deliver qualifications brilliantly and they shouldn’t be penalised because of their size.  Therefore, we created different registration packages to reflect the needs of Training Providers big and small. Find out which package is right for you by discussing your resources and team with your dedicated iPET Network Account Manager.

Once approved, you can gain access to the qualifications resources that you are approved for. As you are approved for different qualifications, you will be given the access to those resources.

Technological advancements are often highly beneficial to users and the E-Portfolio is proving this.  It allows learners to clearly see the criteria for the qualification and answer questions/submit evidence in one place for the Tutor or Assessor to mark. As feedback is offered, changes and progress can be tracked showing a clear learning journey. For Tutors, it highlights pieces that need marking and allows IQA and EQA tracking, enabling everyone to be on the same page (literally!)

Certificates cannot be released until EQA sampling takes place, which occurs on a rolling basis throughout the year. 


A EQA visit/audit will occur twice a year. In some cases you will be visited at your location by an EQA or this will occur remotely.

There is a 1 off joining fee that is paid at the time of first application to  iPET Network.  This fee is not repeated, you will only then pay for each registration. 

We positively encourage our Training Providers to work together and many are happy for new Training Providers to join their courses to understand the delivery method.  However, this is entirely at the Training Provider's discretion and may incur costs.