The iPET Network Team

The iPET Network Team


Fern Gresty - Director

Tony Monticelli - Training and Development Manager

Alex Mould - Quality Manager / EQA

Sarah Mackay - Director / EQA

Annette Wood - Compliance Manager

Vicky Mountford - IQA and EQA

The team at iPET Network has been hand-picked to bring together the unique knowledge and skills relating to Canines, Felines and Education.

Fern Gresty - Director

Fern moved her business expertise to the Canine industry in 2009. Launching Four Paws in Cheshire, Fern transformed pet care from a hobby into a career, realising the need for doggie daycare through her own dog's experience whilst she worked. Keen to build her skills she trained in related areas such dog grooming, dog behaviour, first aid and more.  Coupled with her marketing knowledge she introduced more services to the Four Paws brand including grooming salons, grooming training schools, doggie daycares and boarding kennels. Sarah Mackay joined Fern as a business partner of Four Paws Groom School in 2017 and together they went on to write the OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming (also known as The Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming). However, they saw a need in the Canine and Feline sector for more regulated qualifications to help improve animal welfare and teaching standards across the board.  In 2020 iPET Network was recognised by Ofqual as an Awarding Organisation, changing both their roles.  As a Director of iPET Network, Fern forms part of the Governing Body ensuring the quality and integrity of the qualifications are upheld. Fern prides herself on her approachability and is keen to connect with other businesses to explore further opportunities. She enjoys getting to know the Training Providers and keeping up to date with industry developments to ensure iPET Network stays at the fore of the Canine and Feline industry. Her enthusiasm is inspiring, and she thrives when demonstrating her passion for animals and education.

Sarah Mackay - Director

Since 2016 Sarah has worked full time in the dog grooming industry and has pushed boundaries in all she has done.  Sarah joined Fern as a partner in Four Paws Groom School and shifted the dog grooming training business towards the delivery of regulated qualifications, recognising the need for a sector specific Awarding Organisation.  Sarah was key in iPET Network becoming recognised by Ofqual, presenting qualifications which give greater opportunities to Training Providers and Learners alike with centres across the UK and Europe with enquiries reaching further afield from America and Asia. 

Her exemplary organisational skills were perfected in her previous career as a HR and Training Manager, and she brings a wide knowledge base to her current expansive role. Sarah is a qualified External Quality Assurer and is often the first point of contact for new Training Providers wanting to deliver the iPET Network suite of qualifications.  She is thorough in her approach, taking the time to support and develop those around her. As part of the Governing Body, Sarah is passionate about raising industry standards and believes that education is the key to better animal welfare. As such, her goal is for iPET Network is to become the market leading Awarding Organisation for the Canine and Feline Sector.  Sarah is keen to help learners understand the differences in regulated and unregulated qualifications and promotes the benefits of continual professional development through her inspirational mentorship.

Alex Mould - Quality Manager

As iPET Networks first employee, Alex has been a large part of the journey and a key player in the iPET Network story. Alex began working with Fern Gresty nearly a decade ago through the Four Paws businesses in her role as an apprenticeship assessor.  Her role was to support the apprentices that were on programme and to do this efficiently, she expanded her skills and undertook further qualification including Dog Grooming qualifications.  Over time, this led to her refocus on dog grooming and she began delivering dog grooming tuition. Her exacting standards matched well with the businesses and her enthusiasm for quality teaching was evident and she was mentored by Sarah Mackay.  When given the opportunity to join iPET Network she jumped at the chance and was pivotal in iPET Network gaining Ofqual recognition.  Today, Alex is known by most Training Providers due to her External Quality Assurer role whereby she ensures the qualifications integrity is maintained. Outside of work she is a keen horse rider and sees the scope to widen iPET Network's animal qualifications.

Tony Monticelli - Training and Business Development Manager

Tony joined iPET Network in 2020 after a successful career teaching and developing qualifications.  He has worked in a wide range of sectors which owes him a wealth of knowledge. As an avid reader of modern educational theories, Tony is an inspirational leader. In recent years his focus has been on delivering higher level education and teaching qualifications, working to meet OFSTED criteria.  Tony has been instrumental in the creation of some of iPET Network's more unique qualifications, adding the relevance of the Canine and Feline sector to subjects usually uncovered. Since joining the team, Tony has implemented a new E-Portfolio system which has improved the delivery of all iPET Network qualifications and allowed for a clear audit process. Tony's aim is to embed a dynamic culture of creative qualifications into iPET Networks portfolio which engage learners and allow for interactive teaching delivery across a wide range of mediums.

Annette Wood - Compliance Manager

Annette began work in the animal industry as a teenager, gaining experience in the equine sector and committing over 20 years to a career around horses.  Her skills transferred to canines in 2010 when she joined Four Paws as Manager of the Doggie Daycare in Northwich, Cheshire. Annette was fundamental in the growth of the Four Paws business and assisted in the development of the brand to include grooming salons, grooming training schools, doggie daycares and boarding kennels.  Due to this growth, her role changed to focus on the needs of the growing team and their training and development opportunities particularly focused on Animal Care and Welfare apprenticeship delivery.  Today, Annette encompasses all her knowledge and skills in her role as Compliance Manager at iPET Network.  Her attention to detail is key in ensuring the quality checks are consistent but also acting as a support to Training Providers as an IQA.

Vicki Mountford - IQA and EQA

Vicki joined iPET Network in April 2021 from a background in animal care, dog grooming and equine apprenticeship delivery. Previously working alongside Fern as an apprentice provider, she has witnessed the growth of iPET Network and was keen to join the team! Vicki has come aboard carrying out the role and responsibilities for IQA and EQA, focussing on the whole quality process.  Supporting all of our Training Providers to improve the delivery of all our Ofqual recognised qualifications, Vicki is the first port of call for questions and queries.  Her experience includes supporting numerous learners of all ages and abilities through a variety of qualifications and she understands why quality is so important to iPET Network.  Vicki is passionate about development and is undertaking more qualifications to support the demand and growth of the business which offers further opportunities to Training Providers and Candidates alike.