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iPET Network specialises in the creation of qualifications in the Animal Care and Veterinary Science sector. iPET Network is unique in its approach, being a sector specific Awarding Organisation and are constantly developing NEW Animal Care and Veterinary Science qualifications in the industry.

Our podcast reviews the subjects that link humans and animals, not only with behaviour but health, wellbeing, education and much more. Guest speakers will engage in some of the key topics which iPET Network promote within its qualification range.

Current episodes

iPET Network Podcast - Educating Tony - Canicross, from rescue to running

In this Podcast I talk to Emily Thomas Company Director from K9 Trail Time, on her journey from rehoming a rescue dog to becoming a Canicross Coach and qualification creator. Emily explains her journey from having a rescue dog to creating an amazing bond via Canicross. Canicross is running with your dog using a harness over cross county. Canicross is a sport but can be used to help develop both the dogs and humans fitness but also can support a range of dog behaviours. Emily explains the importance of the new iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canicross Coaching and her involvements in the creation of this Ofqual regulated qualification.

iPET Network Podcast - Educating Tony - Kayleigh Curry Apprenticeship Manager at RSPCA

Kayleigh explains how the RSPCA has embraced and embedded apprenticeships into their organisation and the importance they play with individual development. We discuss the up coming Apprenticeship week 2022 and Kayleigh explains RSPCA's planned activities. We review the DOG GROOMER apprenticeship and the value this gives the industry. A very interesting listen from an organisation which values apprenticeships.

iPET Network Podcast - Educating Tony - 14 dogs and counting 

In this episode we talk to Rebecca Walters who is the founder of Pupstarts Breeders, having experienced all aspects of the dog world, from Battersea Dogs Home, Animal Warden, Breeder, Breeder Mentor and Scentwork Trainer. We discuss the new iPET Network Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare and how this will impact the industry. 

iPET Network Podcast - Educating Tony - The Diversity of Language 

In this podcast I talk to John Dyer from Credibility on language within today's society. We discuss the importance of people first and how modern day terminology can be a minefield. John explains his own experiences and provides guidance and tips when engaging with a diverse population.

iPET Network Podcast - Rollacoaster of emotions 

In this episode I talk to Rachel Bean who delivers the iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine Emergency First Aid about her journey from working with dogs to teaching about them. Rachel explains her Roller-coaster of emotions working as a Veterinary Nurse to new ventures working with prison inmates. 

iPET Network Podcast - Time Management 

This podcast reviews some time management tips and how to use them in a busy grooming salon. I also consider a healthy balance and life style choices.  

iPET Network Podcast - Run on Paw Passion 

In this podcast we talk to Ollie Gibney from Track your Paws on his journey into microchipping and working with iPET Network on the new Level 3 iPET Network Level 3 Award in Microchip Implantation for Pet Animals.

iPET Network Podcast - Cat Grooming 

In this podcast I talk to Carol Bellamy from Dublin Dog Grooming on the new iPET Network Level 3 Cat Grooming Diploma. We discuss Carol's own experiences, the importance the qualification brings to the Industry and top tips including always shut windows and doors.

iPET Network Podcast - Care for the Paw

This podcast looks at the homeless and their links with dogs. Jan Hughes explains how Care for the Paw support animals and their owners who need help whilst living without a home. 

iPet Network Podcast - Asia Freestyle with Helen Kirby 

This podcast will explore Asian fusion / freestyle with Helen Kirby, head tutor at Bone Idol in Brighton. I ask the key questions what is Asian freestyle and what attracted Helen to this grooming technique. 

We explore the types of skills that are required and where to gain more information to develop an all round understanding on this grooming technique. In this podcast we also consider where you can show case these skills and what is next for Helen

iPET Network Podcast - Dealing with Stress

In this Podcast we explore how to deal with stress and the methods that can reduce or mange this within ourselves and our pets. Lisa Hannaby explains how socialisation, eating habits and reflection can help us and our animals deal with the busy lives we lead. 

iPET Network Podcast - Recognising Stress 

In this episode we review stress, what are the causes and the key foods to support stress reduction. 

iPET Network Podcast - What is Stress 

In this episode we review stress, we discuss the question what is stress and how does this show in animals.