Why choose iPET Network as your End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)?

As an Awarding Organisation, iPET Network focuses on qualifications that work.  They work for pets who deserve the best care; they work for learners giving valuable skills, they work for Employers enhancing their businesses and they work for Training Providers with strong market appeal. 

This ethos continues across our EPA offering, our services need to work for everyone and we believe we have the right ingredients to be the EPA of choice for the Apprenticeship Standards we are able to assess.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

What is End Point Assessment?

Since the introduction of Apprenticeship Standards, Employers, Training Providers and Apprentices have seen changes across many Apprenticeships, one of the key areas being the introduction of End Point Assessment.

The key purpose of Apprenticeships is to give Apprentices the knowledge, skills and behaviours to perform their role to the standard required and supports their development to higher skills.  In England, every Apprentice on an apprenticeship standard must successfully undertake an independent assessment at the end of their training to confirm they have achieved occupational competence. 

If they do not pass the assessment, they have not completed their apprenticeship. This is known as an End-Point Assessment (EPA).

End-point Assessment is an independent assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours which have been learnt throughout the apprenticeship and tests the apprentice’s ability to apply them in the workplace.

Assessments need to be conducted by approved independent end-point assessment organisations.  An EPAO is a third party organisation, separate from the Employer and Training Provider. iPET Network are approved to be an End Point Awarding Organisation (EPAO) for the following standards:


Dog Groomer (Level 2) Qualification Number 610/0866/7

Animal Care and Welfare Assistant (Level 2) Qualification Number 610/0867/9

Equine Groom (level 2) Qualification Number 610/1236/1

Senior Equine Groom (level 3Qualification Number 610/1237/3

Keeper and Aquarist (Level 3)  Qualification Number 610/1333/X

Who chooses the End Point assessment Awarding Organisation?

It is the Employer who makes the final decision about which EPAO is chosen for their Apprentices. However, many Employers take guidance from Training Providers on which organisation is the best fit for them. The EPAO is chosen before the apprenticeship begins and forms part of the sign up process between Employer and Training Provider.

Functional Skills

Before an Apprentice can progress to the End-Point Assessment stage, they must have achieved the relevant Functional Skills qualifications in English, Maths and ICT, or achieved equivalent qualifications such as GCSEs.

If the Apprentice is undertaking a Level 2 Apprenticeship Standard, they will need to have successfully completed a Level 1 Functional Skills qualification (or equivalent) and attempted Level 2 Functional Skills qualification in both English and Maths. 

If the Apprentice is undertaking a Level 3 or Higher Apprenticeship Standard, they will need to have successfully completed a Level 2 Functional Skills qualification (or equivalent) in both English and Maths. 

Training Providers can offer support with Functional Skills and will advise Employers and Apprentices of the requirements.


When the apprentice has completed their training and been on programme for the correct time allocated for their apprenticeship, there will be a short period where the Employer, Training Provider and Apprentice will assess the apprentice’s progress. The Employer will then determine whether or not the Apprentice is ready to take on the End-Point Assessment. This period of time is known as Gateway, moving from one stage to another and passing through the ‘Gateway’ to reach it.

Generally, the Gateway stage is where all aspects of the apprenticeship must be completed. These could include:

Any on-programme qualifications, including Functional Skills

Any finalised projects, such as portfolios or projects

Any additional pieces of evidence gathered

Any other requirements outlined in the Apprenticeship Standard

For some apprenticeships, there will need to be a meeting between the Employer, Training Provider and Apprentice to decide how and when to proceed with the End Point Assessment.


For EPAO enquiries please contact us at epao@ipetnetwork.co.uk