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End-Point Assessment Apprenticeship Standards and Pricing

Assessments need to be conducted by approved independent end-point assessment organisations. An EPAO is a third-party organisation, separate from the Employer and Training Provider. At iPET Network, we competitively price our services to make them attractive but also sustainable. iPET Network is approved to be an End Point Awarding Organisation (EPAO) for the following standards:

Dog Groomer (Level 2) Qualification Number 610/0866/7 

Animal Care and Welfare Assistant (Level 2) Qualification Number 610/0867/9 

Equine Groom (level 2) Qualification Number 610/1236/1 

Senior Equine Groom (level 3) Qualification Number 610/1237/3 

Keeper and Aquarist (Level 3)  Qualification Number 610/1333/X 

Please see below the costings for the relevant standards:

Dog Groomer Level 2 (ST0943) Costings 

Animal Care and Welfare Assistant Level 2 (ST0397) Costings

Equine Groom Level 2 (ST0166) Costings

Senior Equine Groom Level 3 (ST0167) Costings

Keeper and Aquarist Level 3 (ST0789) Costings


For EPAO enquiries please email us at epao@ipetnetwork.co.uk