Why choose iPET Network as your End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)?

When choosing an EPAO there are a number of considerations and stakeholders with varying interests, however, the ultimate decision regarding which EPAO to choose lies with Employers.

Considerations include:

- Cost

- Time frame for assessment

- EPAO reputation

- EPAO Personnel

- Retakes

- Training Provider’s Contract

As an Awarding Organisation, iPET Network focuses on qualifications that work.  They work for pets who deserve the best care; they work for learners giving valuable skills, they work for Employers enhancing their businesses and they work for Training Providers with strong market appeal. This ethos continues across our EPA offering, our services need to work for everyone and we believe we have the right ingredients to be the EPA of choice for the Apprenticeship Standards we are able to assess.


At iPET Network, we competitively price our services to make them attractive but also sustainable. As a smaller concern than some of our competitors, we have size relative lower running costs and have been able to pass savings straight back whilst not compromising our services and structure.  This balance allows a new innovative way of working that benefits Employers and Training Providers when cost is such a vital consideration when choosing an EPAO.

Time Frame for Assessment Guarantee

A key goal for all is to get the Apprenticeship completed in a timely manner and an efficient service from the Gateway point to completion. Time can have multiple impacts on businesses and iPET Network understands the challenges Apprentices, Employers and Training Providers may face around extended timeframes. As such, we guarantee Assessment booking slot availability within a 60 day period. This assures all that when Apprentices are ready, so are we!

Our Time Frame for Assessment Guarantee means that if we can not offer an assessment within 60 working days, iPET Network will reduce the EPA cost by 20% for the next available EPA date. We are sure that this will never be the case, but we make our Guarantee to be accountable if any delays occurred.

EPAO Reputation

During most Apprenticeship programmes, Apprentices spend over 12 months with their Employer learning the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to meet the Apprenticeship Standard. During this time, they will learn about their industry and come to recognise the brands, names and ideals that hold prestige.  Due to iPET Network’s established name within the dog grooming and animal care industry, there is a natural kudos around achieving through our EPA process.  As the only sector specific Awarding Organisation, we are often thought of as the ‘experts in the field’ and as such the go to EPAO for those want to replicate this credibility and image in their role.

EPAO Personnel Just Ask Policy

As an EPAO we are keen to support Employers and Training Providers and consider things which may fall outside of the ‘usual’ requests.  We are governed by the rules and criteria set by the ESFA and Ofqual but this doesn’t mean we can not consider requests and look for solutions which may enhance our service or those of the Training Providers we work with.  Our policy is simple; just ask.  As such we have a dedicated team of EPA specialists on hand to answer your questions and offer guidance through any part of the EPA process. They have the autonomy to tailor the service to meet your requirements with the aim to improve communications at all levels.

Assessments need to be conducted by approved independent end-point assessment organisations. An EPAO is a third party organisation, separate from the Employer and Training Provider. iPET Network are approved to be an End Point Awarding Organisation (EPAO) for the following standards:

• Dog Groomer (Level 2) Qualification Number 610/0866/7

• Animal Care and Welfare Assistant (Level 2) Qualification Number 610/0867/9