Training Provider Testimonials

iPET Network Feedback

iPET Network value and use feedback to constantly develop and evolve. Testimonials are key and help iPET Network to see opportunities for growth and ways we could take on new opportunities and improve our services.

Please read feedback from our approved Training Providers who are a collection of schools, trainers, coaches and mentors specialising in a range of pet related topics. They are industry experts, instilling confidence and skills in learners from all backgrounds with quality at the heart of all we do.

Leah Doran of Beautipets in Motherwell is brand new to the iPET Network training provider family.

The seasoned groomer has worked in the industry for 20 years, and her salon recently started offering iPET Network courses.

Here Leah explains why she chose iPET Network, and her journey so far....

We are so excited to now be offering the iPET Network qualifications as it is so important that people get training if they want to start dog grooming.

At the moment the industry is not regulated, and this is something our industry would love to see happen. 

We are skilled professionals, not just in dog grooming, but a lot of the time we also alert owners when they need to seek vets’ advice. 

As we work with dogs so closely, we see things that owner miss.  

"There are still too many people that set up and think they can groom because they have watched a YouTube video, but that is very dangerous.

People don't realise how much there is to dog grooming as a job, and sadly only realise when a dog has been injured. Everyone coming into this industry needs to be trained properly as it affects the reputation of the whole industry when things go wrong.

We chose iPET Network because the course is much more flexible for students.

Many students are put off by exams, but the courses focus on internal assessments which focus on their practical skills and knowledge, which we think is a lot better.

Working with iPET Network has been wonderful and Sarah and Fern have been so approachable and friendly.

If I ever have a question they respond straight away, the experience has been fabulous. 

From Dream to Reality 

Four Paws Groom School Cheshire's friendly curriculum administrator Hayley Smith worked in a pre-school for eight years before taking the plunge and following her dream of becoming a dog groomer.

Here Hayley explains why this career change helps her relate to students, and why she loves the iPET Network qualifications...

"I have been at Four Paws for four years, and moved to the Leftwich branch in May last year. Here we deliver canine first aid, dog walking & pet sitting, and Groom Your Own Dog courses, as well as the Level 3 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Dog Grooming qualifications.

"The iPET Network qualifications are unlike any other, the qualifications ensure that students get the hands-on practical experience needed. It is important that we meet the guided learning hours of each qualification within the school environment, this is vital for these types of qualifications to ensure the students get the best and most practical experience, in addition there are more theory units that help embed the student's knowledge.

"This is because the courses were written by people working in the industry, they know exactly what's what, unlike other larger Awarding Organisations."

"When I teach my students I think they get a different perspective because I have also changed my career and been a student. I have been in the same position and it puts them at ease. The students have said I am easy to talk to which is great, and in my teaching I always try to put a funny spin on things 'don't worry fur grows back!'

"Working with iPET Network is an experience like no other, just recently I went to Crufts with Sarah and Fern and we all stayed together in a caravan! Who in another company would be able to say that they had stayed in a caravan with their directors?! It was really fun.

"They are also so supportive and helpful and push you in a positive way to better yourself. Fern loves a good qualification and is always studying herself too, career development is not just for the employees. Seeing them work so hard pushes us all to want to work hard too, it's a wonderful environment." 


Up to Date Trends in the Industry 

Grace Gallagher is as passionate about business as she is about the pet care industry, and that has proved a perfect fit for becoming an iPET Network training provider.

After opening Barker and Bowes in Limerick in 2017, Grace knew that she wanted to expand the business and offer students the very best courses.

Here she explains more about her journey, and why she is so pleased to have found the iPET Network.

I am a graduate of Trinity College Dublin where I obtained a degree in business studies, and this led me to a career in the Hospitality Sector, then joining forces with Conor Kenny in 2008. The Business School@ Conor Kenny and Associates is where today we teach people transformative professional courses

leadership, management training, communications, psychology and learning in sales and marketing.

In 2017 I combined my business skills with my love of dogs when we launched Barker and Bowes, and we have never looked back! One of the greatest barriers to expansion was the lack of professional qualified dog groomers in the sector.

Eager to expand our offer, we began working with iPET Network in 2020, as we are passionate about teaching we wanted to deliver courses and workshops in the canine sector to improve standards in the industry and share our experience and knowledge.

From the beginning we have received support, mentoring and guidance from the team at iPET Network, to allow us to deliver courses to the highest possible standards.

One of the most useful parts of being part of the iPET Network for us, is that quality assurance allows us to ensure that the quality of what we deliver is top class and the continuous learning constantly keeps us up to date on skill and trends in the industry.

All of our seven team members benefit from the motivational ethos of both our businesses, and the iPET Network.

Sarah and Fern are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and to anyone considering taking the leap and becoming a training provider, I would recommend it to them if they have the resources and in-house team qualifications in place to deliver these courses.

It takes dedication, commitment and they must be passionate about learning and development, but we have received so much support and love being part of the iPET Network!

Good Quality Qualifications 

Angie Sun has run her Cutie Dogs grooming parlour in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter since 2006, and for a long time has offered training.

But two years ago Angie decided to switch the qualifications that she provided to the iPET Network, and has never looked back.

Here she explains why...

I am originally from Hong Kong, and many people over there would like to leave the country because of the political situation at the moment.

I started getting a lot of inquiries from people in Hong Kong who wanted to do their dog grooming training, so that they could set up their own businesses here in the UK.

But, I knew that I needed to offer a qualification that was recognised, and the iPET Network is Ofqual regulated.

The courses are also assessment based rather than exam based, which takes an element of stress away from my international students, especially when there is a language barrier.

All of my students are really enjoying the courses and I have had some lovely feedback, support from Sarah and Fern is also there when I need it which is great.

In the future I would like to expand my business, and I know that iPET Network will support me in that too.

It is important to me to offer my students really good quality qualifications, which will enable them to change their lives, and with iPET Network I am doing just that. 

Great Working Partnership 

Pippa Gorman started her iPET Network journey in 2021 as yet another wave of pandemic restrictions were setting in.

But undeterred, her training at business, The Dog House in North Norfolk is going from strength to strength. 

Here Pippa explains why becoming a training provider with iPET Network has been such a wonderful experience....

With iPET Network by our side, The Dog House is delivering some awesome training. It’s humbling to read our student reviews and so rewarding to follow their journeys, as they succeed in their own dog grooming careers and salons.

To top it all, we just love everything about iPET Network’s Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management.

Our first meeting with iPET Network founders Sarah and Fern was a ‘pandemic style’ online video call. Indeed, it was also my first ever virtual team experience. Like many, I’ve had to learn a fair few IT skills over the past couple of years.

Lockdown forced unexpected time upon us, a breathing space to pause and consider the future of our dog grooming business.

And, without students on site, we also had a clear opportunity to assess our teaching and qualification offer.

Coincidentally, Fern had sent us a targeted email, seeking to expand iPET Network throughout the country, and something about this ‘new AO on the block’ sang out to us.

Initially, we loved iPET Network’s sharp and professional branding. Then, after visiting their website and reading Fern and Sarah’s achievements and passion for their work, we were hooked.

Perhaps, Fern and Sarah’s greatest accomplishment is achieving Ofqual recognition.

In fact, iPET Network is the first sector specific Awarding Organisation, to receive such high educational status.

As their list of dedicated canine and feline qualifications continues to expand, Fern and Sarah are quite literally, breaking the mould and turning our industry on its head!

An Innovative, Fresh And Modern Approach To Professional Dog Grooming Qualifications

Quite simply, we love iPET Network’s Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management, because it is an innovative, fresh and modern qualification.

The heart of the Level 3 Diploma, is good old hands on, practical dog grooming teaching. Alongside, candidates are assessed holistically, as opposed to intimidating final exams. Refreshingly, progress is achieved through daily practical dog grooms, reflective diaries and weekly progress reviews. To achieve the qualification, there are eight home study theory units to complete, including Canine First Aid. And then, towards the end of the course, there are three practical assessment grooms.

As a training provider, we have a highly professional, systematic delivery plan to follow, and this guarantees robust quality assurance, across all providers. We can’t praise iPET Network highly enough, on their centre guidance, support, feedback and encouragement. From, technical ePortfolio conundrums, to dog grooming queries, the iPET Network team is only a phone call, email or video chat away. This is one of the most highly organised and professional companies I have ever worked with.

Intuitive Dog Grooming Resources

In addition, to the breath of fresh air, which is iPET Network’s Diploma qualification. It is also delivered in an up to date and environmentally conscious manner. As a plus, all learning and course resources are online, so we use virtually zero paper and don’t have to store hundreds of paper and plastic files.

We really get that online learning is daunting to the tech shy amongst us, but rest assured, iPET Network’s ePortfolio, is actually really simple and logical to navigate.

iPET Network’s online resources are professionally presented, easy to access and suit all styles of learning. For example, each online unit is accompanied by its own specific resource links, such as videos or documents. All accessed by a simple click learning is intuitive and even fun.

Quality Assurance Like No Other

iPET Network’s quality assurance is like no other. We touched on this above. So, to expand a little, as a new training provider, we are on 100% internal and external quality assurance sampling. Sounds quite grand, doesn’t it?

In basic terms, this IQA and EQA process, not only guarantees the quality of our centre’s teaching and assessing, it guarantees the quality of the iPET Network qualifications, nationally.

To sum up, iPET Network dog grooming students, can walk out of their chosen training centre, fully qualified, competent and confident to begin their professional dog grooming futures.

If you’re looking for an approved and regulated Level 3 Diploma qualification in dog grooming, we really believe iPET have cracked it!

iPET Network the Right Decision

Belinda Morris opened Four Paws Groom School in Herefordshire in October 2021.

A veteran teacher, before Four Paws Belinda offered other types of dog grooming courses to her students, but here she explains why switching to iPET Network was the right decision for her.

Before Four Paws Groom School I worked at a couple of other colleges as a dog grooming tutor. 

I was attracted to the iPET Network because their courses are so flexible for my students and students can start whenever they like and choose how many days a week they attend and what days they wish to attend on.

They also get more practical experience and the course encourages students to do further research and ask questions around both practical and theory.

I find that with the iPET Network course the students' practical skills come along quite quickly, with the emphasis more on experience and animal welfare than on perfection, which is my teaching ethos too.

I enjoy teaching the courses, and even though I am at a higher level I am constantly looking to enhance and perfect my skills too, we are always looking to see what we can improve on and keep learning to drive the industry forward with qualified dog groomers.

I love sharing my knowledge every day, and with the iPET Network I feel like the students are getting a high standard of qualification, which is setting them up for a meaningful career. 

A Wonderful Experience 

I joined the iPET Network as a satellite centre in May 2019, became a Training Provider in 2020 and have had a wonderful experience in all my dealings with the team. 

Thank you for accepting me into your training network, you have been so welcoming, love Cathy.

iPET Network Care 

We looked at a few providers, the iPET Network team seemed to be the ones who cared most about the right people coming through the door, and the quality going out, rather than the numbers. 

The support we have had in making sure we make the grade as an iPET Network centre has been great. Here’s to a future encouraging others along the start of their journey.


Modern and Unique Organisation 

A modern and unique organisation that offers dog grooming and canine first aid qualifications throughout the UK and Ireland. 

As a Training Provider I cannot thank them enough for the quality of courses, training and support.