Training Provider Testimonials

Dog and Bone

We looked at a few providers, the iPET Network team seemed to be the ones who cared most about the right people coming through the door, and the quality going out, rather than the numbers. The support we have had in making sure we make the grade as an iPET Network centre has been great. Here’s to a future encouraging others along the start of their journey.


Hardwick Hounds

A modern and unique organisation that offers dog grooming and canine first aid qualifications throughout the UK and Ireland. As a Training Provider I cannot thank them enough for the quality of courses, training and support.


Canine Creations

I joined the iPET Network as a satellite centre in May 2019, became a Training Provider in 2020 and have had a wonderful experience in all my dealings with the team. Thank you for accepting me into your training network, you have been so welcoming, love Cathy.