Unique Learner Numbers

About Unique Learner Numbers (ULN)

A Unique Learner Number (ULN) is a 10-digit reference number allocated to anyone in the UK involved in UK Education and Training.

Learners retain the same unique learner number (ULN) for accessing their personal learning record (PLR) throughout their lives whatever level of learning they attain and wherever they choose to undertake education, training and learning.

Each unique learner number (ULN) is issued and held by the learner record service (LRS) organisation portal. They are for people who use the numbers to index learner identity details as well as education and training qualifications within the PLR.

iPET Network populate the Personal Learning Records when learners achieve a regulated qualification and a valid ULN has been supplied at registration.

After registration all ULNs are validated through the Learning Records Service (LRS) Organisation Portal to ensure the information supplied at registration matches the information held on the Portal. If the information matches, the ULN is successfully validated and any achievements are uploaded to the Personal Learning Record.  For any records that do not match they are not validated we are not able to upload any achievements.

All validated ULNs will appear on any certificates issued for Regulated Qualifications by iPET Network.

Where the data supplied in the registration process does not match the information held on our database, these anomalies are detailed on portal and must be resolved to ensure validation.  Any ULNs not resolved within approximately 4 weeks of registration will be removed from our records.

Where do we get a ULN for a learner from?

ULNs have been in existence since 2008 and any learner who has taken school examinations since then may already have been allocated a ULN.

To obtain a new ULNs or check to see whether a learner has already got a ULN please see the information on the gov.uk website which goes through this in detail.


To obtain ULNs for your learners Training Providers must be registered as a Learner Registration Body.  Further information on the Learner Registration Service can be found here 

Further information on Unique Learner Numbers is provided by UCAS and can be found here