iPET Network Level 2 Award in An Introduction to Canine Nutrition - Qualification Number 610/2254/8 (link to qualification on Ofqual register)

This qualification is aimed at individuals working with dogs in a range of capacities such as pet retail, dog walkers, sitters, day care and trainers, who need a basic understanding of the principles of nutrition and methods of feeding dogs. The qualification offers a theory-based introduction to concepts such as nutrient groups, how diet influences health, energy requirements, the anatomy of the digestive tract and how food is used within the body. The qualification creates a basis of understanding into different methods of feeding, including newer, novel diet types and considers a problem-based approach to commonly faced feeding issues. It offers an excellent foundation on which to build a pathway of further study towards higher levels of qualification within the sector.

This qualification has been developed in collaboration with a range of industry experts including animal science educators, professional nutritionists, dog trainers and veterinary surgeons to ensure a well-rounded and balanced approach which meets the needs of professionals working with canine nutrition at a basic level.

This qualification has been designed to enable Candidates to:

• Understand the basis of nutrition including the main nutrient groups and their sources.

• Identify basic structures of the canine digestive system, how food is broken down and used by the body.

• Identify foods that are either toxic or otherwise dangerous to dogs.

• Understand the hygienic storage and preparation of foods for dogs.

• Recognise the different types of diets available for dogs including the use of treats.

• Understand simple approaches to managing food and feeding related problems in dogs.

The iPET Network Level 2 Award in An Introduction to Canine Nutrition consists of two mandatory units:

Unit 216: Nutrition for Dog Health and Wellbeing (1 credit)

Unit 217: Fundamentals of Food and Feeding of Dogs (1 credit)

iPET Network Level 2 Award in An Introduction to Canine Nutrition - Qualification Specification  

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