iPET Network Level 2 Award in Small Animal Health and Husbandry

iPET Network Level 2 Award in Small Animal Health and Husbandry - Qualification Number 610/1578/7 (link to qualification on Ofqual register)

The NEW iPET Network Level 2 Award in Small Animal Health and Husbandry is a purely theory-based qualification aimed at individuals wishing to work with or own small animals who have little or no previous experience of working with these species. The qualification addresses the three common small pet species: rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, so would be ideal for those working or wanting to work within the pet retail industry. It takes a broad view of all aspects of caring for these three species from accommodation, exercise and nutrition requirements, to the basics of recognising signs of health and ill-health and understanding key preventative health measures in these species.

Candidates who complete this qualification will be able to:

• Explain the importance of maintaining welfare of small animals 

• Identify common diseases and disorders found in small animals

• Identify key legislation surrounding keeping small animals as pets

• Describe the methods surrounding maintaining small animal accommodation

• Explain the nutritional requirements of small animal species

• Identify a variety of breeds and their classifications

• Recognise techniques used for handling and restraint of small animals

This qualification will:

• Prepare individuals to progress to another qualification in the same subject area, studying at a higher level or a qualification requiring more specific knowledge, skills and understanding;

• Improve employability skills

• Encourage engagement in learning.

The iPET Network Level 2 Award in Small Animal Health and Husbandry consists of two compulsory theory units:

Unit 213: Sustain Small Animal Health and Welfare (2 credits)

Unit 214: Small Animal Husbandry Practices (2 credits)

iPET Network Level 2 Award in Small Animal Health Health and Husbandry - Qualification Specification

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