iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid

iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid - Qualification Number 610/3597/X (link to qualification on Ofqual register)

The iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid is perfect for owners and professionals alike who want to be prepared should a pet need emergency treatment. The qualification covers the most commonly faced canine emergencies such as how to treat injury, dress wounds, allergic reactions, stings, poisoning, choking, seizures, CPR, hypothermia and much more.

The qualification is an excellent balance of theoretical and practical learning to ensure Candidates have the knowledge required should they ever be faced with an emergency first aid situation.

Leading industry experts have reviewed this qualification to ensure the outcome is appropriate for the animal care industry and the continued growth and development of the sector.

This qualification has been designed to enable Candidates to:

• Know the objectives of first aid

• Understand how to manage canine behaviour in emergency situations.

• Understand DR ABC (primary survey) of the canine including how to take temperature, pulse and respiration rate.

• Understand the examination of an injured animal and the actions to take to manage shock.

• Be able to record the pulse rate, respiration rate, apply a bandage to a dog and conduct CPR on a mannequin.

• Know the different types of wounds and fractures and appropriate first aid treatment

• Understand the management, signs necessary first aid treatment of choking, stings, poisoning, hyperthermia, hypothermia, water inhalation, convulsion, gastric torsion, burns and electrocution.

• Understand what is required in a canine emergency first aid kit and how to communicate in emergency situations

The iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid consists of one mandatory theoretical and practical unit:

Unit 391: Canine First Aid

iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid

GLH (Guided Learning Hours): 6 hours 

TQT (Total Qualification Time): 9 hours

iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid - Qualification Specification

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