iPET Network Level 4 Diploma in Dog Training and Instruction

iPET Network Level 4 Diploma in Dog Training and Instruction  - Qualification Number 610/1752/8 (link to qualification on Ofqual register)

The new Level 4 Diploma in Dog Training and Instruction is an exciting new qualification designed for those who either want to work as a Dog Training Instructor, or are already working as an Instructor and wish to gain a formal qualification. The qualification has a strong practical focus, designed to encourage Candidates to gain invaluable skills, not only in training dogs, but also in coaching owners and handlers to confidently train their dogs in a group class setting. A wide range of in-depth and challenging theory units provide the essential underpinning knowledge to support the practical learning. 

This qualification has been developed in collaboration with numerous professional and qualified Dog Trainers and Instructors to ensure that it meets the needs of the rapidly developing training industry and sets high standards of education within the sector.

iPET Network places the welfare of animals at the forefront of all qualifications developed. While views on the methods of dog training vary, iPET Network supports the use of compassionate and evidence-based positive reinforcement techniques.  

Candidates wishing to undertake this qualification must meet the following criteria:

• 18 years of age or older

• Be capable of working at Level 4 standard (equivalent to 1st year degree / Foundation Degree level)

• Due to the practical nature of this qualification, Candidates must have access to dogs for the purposes of training for a minimum duration of 168 hours. This may take the form of:

o Working or volunteering as a Dog Trainer/Instructor or,

o Work shadowing a qualified/experienced Dog Training Instructor (this may be with the Tutor/Training Provider) or,

o Working or volunteering at a dog day care centre or,

o Working or volunteering at a dog rescue shelter or,

o Another suitable equivalent

This qualification has been designed to enable Candidates to:

• Understand the evolution of the dog and how this relates to their behaviour and motivations during training.

• Understand the welfare needs of dogs, safe handling and management, and health concerns that may impact training.

• Recognise and interpret a range of emotional states in dogs and the importance of the canine-human bond in training.

• Understand how dogs learn, techniques for teaching dogs new skills and overcoming challenges during training.

• Be able to apply understanding of training to delivery of impactful training sessions.

• Be able to critique own skills and performance when delivering dog training instruction to clients.

The iPET Network Level 4 Diploma in Dog Training and Instruction consists of seven mandatory units:

Unit 413: Canine Ethology (2 credits)

Unit 414: Canine Health and Handling for Dog Training Instructors (3 credits)

Unit 415: Principles of Canine Behaviour and Communication (3 credits)

Unit 416: Canine Socialisation (1 credit)

Unit 417: Principles of Dog Training (4 credits)

Unit 418: Principles of Instruction for Dog Trainers (5 credits)

Unit 419: Practical Dog Training and Instruction (19 credits)

iPET Network Level 4 Diploma in Dog Training and Instruction - Qualification Specification

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