iPET Network Level 5 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation

iPET Network Level 5 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation - Qualification Number 610/4037/X (link to qualification on Ofqual register)

The iPET Network Level 5 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation qualification has been designed to cater to individuals aspiring to become Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Therapists and/or progressing towards becoming Veterinary Physiotherapists. The qualification is also suitable for those currently working as an Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist or Veterinary Physiotherapist seeking formal recognition through a regulated qualification. This comprehensive qualification covers theoretical learning across a variety of animal species, with the practical elements focusing on the two main species of canines and equines.

Upon completion of the iPET Network Level 5 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation, Candidates are eligible to register on the iPET Network Level 6 Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy, which will allow Candidates to qualify as a Veterinary Physiotherapist, enabling study at a higher level.

The qualification comprises of a balance of theoretical and practical learning to ensure Candidates have the knowledge and practical skills required to provide animal sports massage and rehabilitation. Candidates will further develop study skills and critically reflect on their own personal development. Candidates will also explore the concepts of emotional intelligence, professional identity and positive mindset. 

Candidates will gain a broad understanding of orthopaedics, neurology, musculoskeletal disease, dysfunction, illness and injury, providing fundamental knowledge and theory relevant to the role of Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist and a good foundation of knowledge for the Veterinary Physiotherapist. 

The qualification also has a focus on biomechanics and locomotion and the Candidate will be able to evaluate the various factors impacting on movement of the musculoskeletal system. The Candidate will gain the knowledge and appreciation of exercise physiology, exercise prescription and rehabilitation. This involves the ability to design exercise and rehabilitation plans and work with veterinary surgeons and the wider multidisciplinary team.

Practical training is a significant component of the qualification, with Candidates completing a minimum of 325 hours of practical training to develop the required skills and clinical competence required to practice as Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Therapists. This practical experience creates a strong foundation for further study, if desired, as a Veterinary Physiotherapist.  

The qualification has been developed under the guidance of industry experts, to ensure the outcome is appropriate for the animal massage and physiotherapy industry and sets high standards of education within the sector.

iPET Network believes that this qualification has been designed to align with criteria set by the voluntary industry regulator, the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP). iPET Network has gained consultation from RAMP during the development phase of the suite of qualifications, which includes the Level 4 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage, Level 5 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation, and Level 6 Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

The suite of qualifications is listed on the Ofqual register of regulated qualifications and we believe they will satisfy the requirements set by RAMP. One of the requirements being that for RAMP to consider an AEP/REP application for a qualification(s), the qualification(s) must possess a verified academic learning level.

Training Providers delivering this qualification will then be able to apply to RAMP for assessment, if desired, to attain Recognised Educational Providers (REP) status for their delivery of the Level 5 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation.

iPET Network are delighted to announce that The Academy Of Veterinary Physiotherapy has gained Recognised (REP status) from RAMP for their delivery of the iPET Network Level 5 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation. 

Please be aware that the accreditation process by RAMP applies specifically to the delivery of our qualifications by each individual Training Provider. Therefore, any other interested Training Providers would need to apply to RAMP for assessment if they choose to pursue accreditation.

On successful completion of the qualification, Candidates can work as a Veterinary Physiotherapist and subject to requirements and successful application, join membership organisations. Further study at a higher level is also a progression option following completion of this qualification.


This qualification has been designed to enable Candidates to:

• Understand further study skills

• Be able to reflect on personal development

• Understand personal and professional development, including professional identity, clinical communication and positive mindset

• Understand orthopaedics including structure, function, health and disease

• Understand neurology, including structure, function, proprioception, neuromotor control and pain

• Understand musculoskeletal disease, dysfunction, illness and injury, covering a range of common conditions affecting dogs, horses, farm animals and other companion animals

• Understand biomechanics, locomotion, lameness, dynamic observation and gait analysis

• Understand exercise physiology, including the effects and benefits of exercise, tissue responses, bodily system impacts, stress and fatigue

• Understand exercise prescription and rehabilitation, covering key concepts, load management, core conditioning, proprioception, and the use of exercise equipment

• Understand the role of hydrotherapy 

• Understand the process of designing exercise and rehabilitation plans for individual animals and be able to design plans for specific cases

• Understand the role of, and be able to work with the Multidisciplinary Team

• Be able to work safely with animals, considering biosecurity, health, safety and welfare 

• Demonstrate additional soft tissue techniques 

• Understand and demonstrate orthopaedic and neurological assessment of canines and equines 

• Complete clinical practice  


The qualification consists of eight theory and practical units (all units are mandatory):

Unit 501: Further Study Skills and Reflective Practice

Unit 502: Personal and Professional Development

Unit 503: Orthopaedics and Neurology

Unit 504: Disease, Dysfunction, Illness and Injury

Unit 505: Biomechanics and Locomotion

Unit 506: Exercise Physiology

Unit 507: Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation

Unit 508: Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Clinical Competency and Practice



GLH (Guided Learning Hours): 274 hours 

TQT (Total Qualification Time): 1220 hours

iPET Network Level 5 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation - Qualification Specification

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