Mind, Body and Soul

Mind, Body and Soul

21st, Jan 2021 General News

Nowadays, a lot of people are obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. They eat wholesome food, workout at the gym, and all that jazz. But they tend to forget that our brain needs exercise too.

Developing skills for your memory can improve your active learning, this in turn then can impact others around your from colleagues, learners or family. This video provides 11 techniques to improve your memory from using chopsticks to reading aloud. Click here to view the video.

Don’t forget these tips can support home schooling or if you are studying yourself. Please take time to consider the benefits for you and how could you embed this within your work, training or personal life.

At iPET Network we want to promote active learning, education is key to success. We have created an excellent Level 3 Educators course to develop teaching skills. Come a take a look.