Ofqual guidance for Vocational Assessments - January 2021

Ofqual guidance for Vocational Assessments - January 2021

7th, Jan 2021 General News

iPET Network have received the latest guidance from Ofqual:

‘January assessments 

Learners should be supported to take assessments in January, where it is safe and if they are ready to do so, in order that they can demonstrate what they know and the skills they have acquired. We think it is crucial that arrangements help Learners continue to engage with education and learning. 

You should contact your Centres to make it clear that assessments remain available to take during January; (where relevant) that Learners may be able to take assessments at a later date, and in the event that is not possible, arrangements will be put in place to ensure those Learners are not disadvantaged. You will need to consider whether it is appropriate for them to withdraw Learners from assessments if doing so would compromise their eligibility for later assessment opportunities or alternative arrangements.’ 

Please note this guidance is just for the month of January, we await further guidance for the coming months. 

We understand that our Training Providers would like more clarity on whether, Training Providers should or stay open. Unfortunately, we cannot issue that information or advice. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the iPET Network team.

Stay safe.