iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Training

iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Training  - Qualification Number 610/3852/0 (link to qualification on Ofqual register)

The iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Training is an ideal qualification for Candidates who wish to gain the knowledge and practical skills required to confidently handle and train dogs in a series of common exercises using a variety of training techniques. Candidates will gain an understanding of canine evolution, anatomy,  health, socialisation and behaviour. Candidates will learn how to effectively communicate with, understand and adapt to a dog's needs. 

The qualification would suit those who wish to work as a Dog Trainer or those who are currently working as a Dog Trainer and want to gain a formally recognised regulated qualification. 

It would also be beneficial for those who work in a similar animal sector e.g., veterinary nurses, groomers, dog walkers and day care workers etc.

It is an ideal qualification for those looking to progress onto the iPET Network Level 4 Diploma in Dog Training and Instruction.

Leading industry experts have reviewed this qualification to ensure the outcome is appropriate for the dog training industry.

iPET Network places the welfare of animals at the forefront of all qualifications developed. While views on the methods of dog training vary, iPET Network supports the use of compassionate and evidence-based positive reinforcement techniques.

This qualification has been designed to enable Candidates to:

• Understand the history and evolution of the dog and how this influences canine behaviour.

• Recognise health and ill-health in the dog and when training is not suitable on health/fitness grounds.

• Be able to safely approach and handle dogs using equipment that is best suited to the individual.

• Recognise and interpret canine communication signals and emotional states.

• Understand how puppies and adult dogs can be socialised and habituated to a range of stimuli.

• Understand and apply the theories of dog training to everyday handling and training scenarios.

• Demonstrate a compassionate and research-based approach to the training and handling of dogs.

The iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Training consists of three theory units and one practical unit (all units are mandatory):

Unit 374: Introduction to Canine Ethology

Unit 375: Canine Health and Handling Theory

Unit 376: Dog Training and Socialisation Theory

Unit 377: Dog Training and Handling Skills

GLH (Guided Learning Hours): 41 hours 

TQT (Total Qualification Time): 140 hours

iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Training - Qualification Specification

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